Part 4) Hiwin Rails HGW15 cbeam Y-axis leadshine hybrid Nema 23

To Start off the y axis we designed a nema 23 mount and 3d printed it solid. This is only a trail to see how it performs but for this size motor i believe it will be fine. Decided to try a new type of stepper motor the leadshine hybrid Nema 23 are integrated closed loop hybrid steppers.

3d printed nema 23 mount

Before assembling everything I couldn’t resist doing a quick frame mocked up and I must say it’s looking great at this point of the build. The end caps are 3d printed to give the cnc a more complete look, plus covering up the sand + epoxy inside the profiles.

behemoth c beam frame mock up

Hiwin HGW15 rails mounted up with cbeam actuator, the extra support from the hiwin rails makes the base really solid and all flex or twisting has been removed.

Hiwin hgw15 rails mounted up

Hand made the base plate out of 10mm aluminium plate, the size is 300×400

Cbeam cnc base (y-axis) complete

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