Part 2 C-beam CNC Rigidity Epoxy filled Profiles

This part of the build was looking for the cheapest way to boost the frames rigidity and dampening effects so it can handle machining metals.

I decided to use 3 lengths of 12mm reo rod that was purchased cheaply from the local hardware store which i glued in with epoxy resin. The reo rod diameter was slightly too large for the c-beam profiles so I used an angle grinder with sanding wheel and shaved off 1-2mm off.

Steel reo rod into c-beam profilethree Steel reo rod into c-beam profile

As you can see above the three reo rods fit snug into the profile . The other two empty profiles were filled with a blend of sand, epoxy and steel shavings. Reason I done this was for the extra dampening effects provided from eg over steel rods. doing this mod to the profile adds alot of weight and strength to the c-beam.

Epoxy filled profile with reo rods and sand

Optional mod which wasn’t necessary but I still done anyways, Stainless 4mm rods were inserted with epoxy into the profiles 4mm holes. Only issue with this is I had to make sure it didn’t block the threads at either end of the profile.

prep profile for concrete pour 18160 profile filled with concrete

Pillars were filled with non-shrink grout with added 4-5mm gravel.

18160 profile filled with concrete

overall this mod will boost the cnc rigidity and dampening effects at minimum costs due to the mass of weight of the machine. Happy with the results.


Part 3) Hiwin linear rail mounted onto openbuilds cbeam X axis

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