Part 3) Hiwin linear rail mounted onto openbuilds cbeam X axis

Hiwin Linear rail mounted onto openbuilds cbeam X-Axis

The install of the Hiwin Linear rails onto openbuilds cbeam wasn’t plug and play, it required some grinding of the v-slot by 2mm so t-nuts could slide onto the profile. I took my time doing this because the grinder could easily destroy the profile. overall it came out okay besides from a few scratches here and there.

openbuilds hiwin linear rail

Below image shows 1mm sanded from the outer edge of the T-nuts. This is required to slide the rail onto the profile.

openbuilds hiwin linear rail fitting

lastly some loctite to every bolt and slide it on like a glove.

lock tight to secure each bolthiwin mgw15h fitting to profilefinished rail onto cbeam

The Hiwin MGW15H rail fitted onto the c-beam adds a lot of extra strength and rigidity to the X Axis.

(Hiwin Rail measures at 10mm thick by 40mm wide by 500mm long harden steel).

combined with c-beam profile with x3 steel rods through it with epoxy + sand.

  1. Cost of Hiwin MGW15H Est:$200-$300
  2. Would I do it again?  Yes, though there is a Chinese version for 1/3 the cost if anyone has used that id love your feedback.

Custom gantry plate to merge X axis to Z axis

For this process I used a 3d printed template for a drill guide which worked out well. Below is a image of the stl i made (if you require then please email me)

stl of drilling template

Its always good using my 3d printer for cheating methods like this. But always measure everything 3 times and drill once.

Above image shows x2 mgw15h tracks mounted to openbuilds xl gantry plate.

Bolting X and Z axis together

Okay last part was pretty straight forward just need to bolt everything together as you can see in the photos.

bolting up z axis to x axis

above image shows z axis profile, as you can see all the channels are filled with epoxy and 3 of them have 12mm steel rods through the profile.

bolting up z axis to x axis


bolting up z axis to x axis bolting up z axis to x axis

The moment of truth!.. Bam! everything lined up perfect.

bolting up z axis to x axis

all done and ready to bolt onto the frame of the machine

Z + X axis complete

I’m happy that everything turned out to plan.

Part 4) Hiwin Rails HGW15 cbeam Y-axis leadshine hybrid Nema 23

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